Sisters and co-founders of Skye + Lach

Tell us a bit about yourselves…

T: Well obviously we are sisters and i’m older by a few years – although a lot of people often ask who is older, much to Kylie’s dismay ha ha! My husband and I have 3 children, we live in Melbourne with and our family dog Harvey. There’s never enough “spare” time, but I love getting out with my family and friends, watching a lot of sport (living in Melbourne we are lucky to have access to so much), getting outdoors when the sun is shining and of course indulging in a bit of shopping and fashion!

K: I’m definitely the younger out of us two thank you very much!! I have 2 children, my partner and our dog Jagger. I am sports mad. You will catch me watching pretty much any sport, but my biggest passion is AFL football. We both barrack for Carlton. I also love catching up with my friends for dinner and cocktails and travelling as much as we can as a family!! Hawaii is my favourite holiday destination although Europe in summer is AMAZING. We’re in the middle of building a new house so that will take up a lot of my spare time over the next year.

How did your journey in business begin?

T: Well, we have always done a lot together. Going to the same school, family holidays with our kids, living within 5 mins of each other, even working at Qantas together at the same time (following in Dad’s footsteps). We’ve always been in each others pockets. It was only natural to start our own business together, it was meant to be.

K: The actual idea came about on a family holiday in Port Douglas. We were sipping cocktails by the pool, kids were swimming, our hubbies were at the pool bar, we were nice and relaxed sitting in the sunshine and after a few too many margaritas (woops!!) we discussed the idea of starting something.

So why sunglasses?

K: We both love sunglasses and always have. When we look back over family photos we can see our style evolution through the sunnies we are wearing!!

T: Definitely! When we were younger and had less money to spend, but still wanted to wear the latest trends, we purchased our sunnies from places like Sportsgirl and Myer. As we got older (and a little bit wiser), our tastes became more expensive and we soon discovered Chanel, LV and Gucci. Those sunglasses definitely hit the hip pocket but there was something so special about them. You put them on and you instantly feel amazing.

K: This is why S+L was born. We wanted luxury designs that make you feel amazing, at a much more affordable price.

T: We decided very early on that what we design, produce and bring to market must have that designer feel without the price tag.

K: You can put on a gorgeous pair of oversized sunglasses and instantly go from drab to fab. Wear them slightly down your nose and look out! Here she comes!! That’s what we want to share. The confidence you can get from hiding behind your sunnies (but also saying “look at me” at the same time).

Where did the name SKYE + LACH come from?

K: The “Skye” part of our brand name came about as when we think of sunglasses, we think of the sun and the sky. We loved the name Skye and I always said if I had another daughter, that would be her name. ((It’s still not too late!!!)

T: The second part is easy – it came from my first born son Lachlan who we always call “Lach”. This does throw a lot of people off as they pronounce it like “Latch”, but we’re trying to make it clear… LACH like LOCK!

The brand has certainly evolved over the last 4-5 years. Do you have a favourite style?

T: I honestly love them all, but HAVANA is my favourite. Particularly the classic black ones. They are so easy to wear, just the right size and seem to suit every face shape. They are our best-selling style, we’ve restocked them four times now because they keep selling out!! So I’m not the only one.

K: I love BIG glasses. My favourites are JOY. They’re a big, square shape with a real Gucci influence. They are very “look at me” but that’s what I like – it’s why I also love our HALO style. That touch of glam makes them a little bit “extra”. Don’t we all want a bit extra?!



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Best Sellers

JOY Black


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JOY Luxe Leopard


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