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Polarised V Non Polarised - which ones should I choose?

Polarised V Non Polarised - which ones should I choose?

We all think Polarised is better. Usually more expensive and of a higher quality, the perception is that it is has to be better. Here at S+L we offer both kinds of lenses as both have their own benefits. Here are a few points to think about when purchasing your next pair of sunnies:


  • The protective film is highly successful at removing glare, haze and reflections.
  • Objects are much more clear and viewing things underwater have far greater clarity.
  • Perfect for outdoor activities - water sports, exercising, watching sport or lounging by the pool.
  • Great for driving as the lens will reduce the suns reflections and sunlight bouncing off the road.

Non Polarised:

  • Glamorous/highly fashion focused styles that complete an outfit.
  • These lenses have a very good level of sun glare reduction and have a high level of UV protection.
  • Perfect for driving in particularly in cooler, less sunny months and when not driving in the direct sunlight.
  • Can be worn when using digital screens such as mobile phones as it won't darken the images or distort the screen in any way.


Whether you choose polarised or non-polarised, we  have a great selection at very affordable prices. 



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