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Small Frames Are "Trending"... Here's Why We Think Bigger is Always Better

Here at Skye & Lach we are all about the oversized look - big shades are our thing! So when teeny tiny shades stared #trending, we found ourselves wondering why. Turns out we weren't the only ones...

1. They suit every face

Dressing - whether with eyewear, clothes or other accessories - is all about proportions. Fortunately with oversized glasses it is much easier to find a pair that suit your face - because there are so many styles to choose from. Mini shades on the other hand - while they do have many different shapes and styles - are much harder to work with because they tend to look better on people with smaller features. Yup, we know a lot of the models and celebrities out there have small features - but #realtalk we are all unique and beautiful, so we want accessories that suit all different face shapes. Oversized sunglasses are great because depending on the style, they can offset your features - kind of like "dressing for your figure" except you are "dressing your face". In fact... hint hint... our next style features a classic 'mini' shape, but upsized a little to suit our tastes! I mean... if tiny sunglasses can make even Ryan Reynolds look bad... is there hope for any of us?!

2. They hide a hangover

We like cocktails. OK, that's an understatement. We LOVE cocktails. And sometimes that love turns into hate, like on Sunday morning after a wild girls night where too many drinks were involved. Hangover alert! Nobody wants to show up to brunch looking like a total mess, but nobody wants to reapply a full face of makeup while still rocking some smudge from last night's mascara either. Shades to the rescue! Sunnies are our go-to in situations like this, especially styles like PERCEPTION, which are bold enough to stop anyone messing with you while you recover.

3. They also hide bad eyebrows

Has it been too long between eyebrow appointments? We've been there girl! But once again, we don't worry because our oversized shades can cover our caterpillars and keep us looking cool at the same time. Unfortunately there is almost no way to cover your brows in tiny sunglasses, so either book in with your brow pro or shop our range of big sunnies.

4. They actually protect your eyes

As much as we LOVE eyewear as a fashion statement, sunglasses were invented to protected our eyes from harmful rays. Some of the shades out right now, well, we wonder if they're even made to look through! The skin around your eyes is also very delicate, so extra coverage will keep it healthier for longer. Tiny frames don't do much to protect your eye area and in fact, actually keep your eyelids exposed. While big shades worn a little further down the nose still protect a large portion of your face, wearing small sunglasses in this way actually defeats the purpose of wearing them to begin with. Our personal preference is always going to be stylish yet functional shades - which is 100% what we get with our oversized styles.

5. They might even score you a rose!

Bachie babe Keira loves our Havana style! And while you won't be stealing Jarrod Woodgate, we know you will capture a few other hearts in your shades. Plus, we've been told by plenty of boyfriends that our S&L shades are worth stealing - so you can even let bae borrow your aviators when he's left his at home. EMPIRE is a fave amongst the men in our life, so if you're looking for a unisex pair to share, they're your best option!

So, what do you think? Have we convinced you? Surely we don't need to!

Let us know in the poll below... are you #TeamOversized or #TeamMini?

Oversized or mini shades?


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