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Sophie Monk in Skye + Lach

Sophie Monk in Skye + Lach

As a small business it's not every day that you get to see a big celebrity wearing your product and when you do it's a really big deal. When we saw Sophie in our glasses - we were over the moon and so excited!! How did this happen? How did she even hear about us? We wanted to share this story because it really does show that not everyone is about getting paid to promote - especially when it comes to supporting a small business they genuinely love.

How did this all come about? Well, to give some background info – ALL brands and small businesses must have a marketing budget in which $$ are allocated to certain areas to promote the brand/business and this usually involves influencer marketing. This is when brands work/collaborate with celebrities, talents, influencers etc and pay them a fee to wear and share their items. It’s a thing. We all do it and it’s how we get our products and services out there!

Now imagine how good it feels when a high profile celebrity comes across your brand in a totally organic way. This is something we celebrate here at Skye + Lach! Influencer marketing is a lot of work so knowing that we are attracting the kind of people we want to work with is a high five moment. This is exactly what happened when Sophie was looking for a decent Aussie brand of sunnies. She headed straight to Google and she found us. WOW!!

When we noticed she started following us... after freaking out and sending excited screenshots and "OMG!!" messages back and forth with the team... we quickly slid into her DM’s as fast as we could. We have since struck up a really lovely and honest relationship with her and she really is a beautiful person inside and out. Of course we sent her some sunnies, but there were no expectations or strings attached. She ended up contacting us to tell us how much she LOVES the styles and their quality. We were blown away! Our glasses even managed to get snapped with Sophie by The Daily Mail as she and her now-fiancé Josh both wore their S+L shades leaving the airport after a flight.

Sophie wears HAVANA Black with Solid Black Lens and Josh wears HALO Navy (photos via The Daily Mail)

We wanted to share this because moments like these mean a lot to a small business. Getting your product in the hands of a celeb AND bonus... that celeb is exactly as you thought she would be - down to earth, honest, funny and speaks from the heart.

She has helped our business in a way we never expected nor has she ever asked for anything in return. We just wanted to share this with all our beautiful community – because – why the hell not!!

Have a magical day.

Tammy + Kylie x

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