How to Pack For Your European Escape

As the weather in the southern hemisphere gets cooler, adventurers and holiday-makers head north – to Europe! It’s a known fact that people leave packing to the last minute, no matter how long they are going for or how much they need to stuff into their suitcase. At Skye & Lach we are OBSESSED with travelling and know a thing or two about how to prepare for a fabulous vacay.

1. Start With a Suitcase

Sounds obvious doesn’t it? But your suitcase is something you will be hauling around your entire trip, so you need to make the right choice. If you have travelled in the past and know what works best for you – great, if not, head into your local luggage store and test out some of the cases. You should be looking for quality and lightness – it needs to be able to withstand a beating from baggage handlers and still be light enough to fit everything you need and stay under your baggage allowance. Speaking of, you MUST check your baggage allowance before you pack your bag. If it’s too heavy when you get to the airport, that’s too bad!

Skye & Lach Style

It’s going to be a long flight to Europe, so make sure that you keep the most essential and importants items in your hand carry-on – whether you’re taking a little suitcase, a duffle bag or something in between. Your travel documents, electronics, a few toiletries and a light cardigan or jumper are some of our recommendations.

2. Capsule Holiday Wardrobe

Ever heard of a capsule wardrobe? A capsule wardrobe is a collection of essential items that don’t go out of style and can be mixed and matched over and over again. To pack light and leave room for shopping in your suitcase, try creating a capsule holiday wardrobe. In summer, this means your favourite pair of denim shorts, some staple t-shirts (white, stripes), a flowy dress, a jacket and pants for cooler nights, thongs/sandals. Of course, your choices will reflect your personal style, but the idea is to get the most outfits out of less clothing.

Skye & Lach Style


3. Style Under the Sun

Whether you’re going to be lazing by the beach, visiting the popular landmarks or lunching by the piazza – it’s Summer and it’s hot, hot, hot! Skye & Lach sunnies are the perfect accessory to keep you looking stylish under the sun – with a very good level of protection for your eyes. The best part is that you can fit multiple shades in your luggage – you could carry five pairs in your carry on and they’d take up next to no room. Forget the bulky accessories and use sunglasses to freshen up every outfit.

Make sure you sign up to our mailing list to get access to VIP sale alerts – like Happy Hour – so you can stock up on some new pairs. We recommend taking one classic and a few colourful styles – like Bombshell Sunset Pink, Minx Malibu Green or Minx Silver Lavender – to accessorise your holiday capsule wardrobe.

5. Power of the Plug

Yup, different countries have different power points and that means you are going to need to take some on your vacay. These days travelling means using your phone for navigation, translation

6. Double Check Your Documents

There is nothing worse than getting half way to the airport and realising you forgot something – your passport, your ticket, booking confirmations or even your suitcase (yup, it happens). Make sure you have double, no, triple checked the important stuff before you rush out the door.

Skye & Lach Wanderlust

To all you lovely ladies heading overseas and escaping this chilly Australian winter – HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE!

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