Australian Standard & Care Instructions

Australian Standard AS/NZS 1067:2003

All our sunglasses are independently tested to ensure we meet and comply with the mandatory standard for sunglasses and fashion eyewear based on Australian Standard AS/NZS 1067:2003

Our range of eyewear are all lens category 3 glasses, which provides a good level of UV protection and a high level of sun glare reduction.


Please take care and look after your Skye & Lach sunglasses.

Always use a microfibre material to clean the lens – the microfibre sleeve you receive is perfect. Do not use clothing or any other materials as these can be hamful to the lenses and cause scratches. Cleaning your lenses in this way will not be covered by Skye & Lach.

Be careful when in water as salt water and chlorine can damage the Cat. 3 lens.

Do not leave your sunglasses in a hot car as excessive heat can damage the reflective lenses.

Remember to always fold the left arm in first – this helps to protect the frame.

Do not to wear your Skye & Lach eyewear on top of your head as it weakens the joints/hinges and may cause the frame to go out of shape.

Please use the pouch provided to keep your Skye & Lach Eyewear protected.

Our Warranty

Skye & Lach provide you with a 2 month warranty on all our sunglasses from the date you receive the product.

This does not cover personal wear and tear of the product.