What is “Perfectly Imperfect?”


We love our sunglasses.

When we receive our finished designs, we check them rigorously to ensure they are 110% perfect. A tiny scratch, mark or minor defect in any pair of shades will put them in our “Perfectly Imperfect” pile – a collection of sunglasses that still feature the same amazing quality and stylish look, but are saved for us to sell at a fraction of the price of our “perfect collection”.

This iconic S&L sale started two years ago as a way to make way for our new styles. We simply couldn’t bring ourselves to throw away sunglasses that we had worked so hard on and knew our customers would still love – even their little imperfections. So we decided to trial the sale, and to our pleasant surprise our customers LOVED the opportunity to shop ‘Imperfect’ styles.

If you have missed out on a style that you LOVE – there is always a chance that we will have stock in the Perfectly Imperfect sale. We sell out of our most popular styles very quickly – so we recommend signing up to our mailing list to be notified about the launch time.


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Due to the nature of the sale, we do not provide hard cases, however you will receive a beautiful, limited edition pastel microfibre slip case with your order.


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