Why Sunglasses Are The Perfect Christmas Present

The Christmas countdown is officially ON – and we consider it our duty to tell you why sunglasses are the perfect gift to give and receive. Hear us out!

We spent years before S&L growing our sunnies collection and the past few years since started our biz creating glamorous, high-quality designs that can take you from beach, to bar, school pick-up and everything in between. So when we say there’s no such thing as having enough shades, we mean it!


Gifting Style

Sunglasses can transform your outfit from just “okay” to WOW. They are so simple and easy – no struggling with a pesky jewellery clasp – yet so high impact. In our experience, a big pair of oversized black shades can bring the inner Kim K, J Lo or boss babe out of anyone! It’s not just a look… it’s a feeling that sunglasses give you… effortlessly cool, loving life and ready for anything.

Bring the Heat

A pair of shades in a gorgeous case is a thoughtful pressie – especially as we head into Aussie summer. We all know how important it is to protect our eyes from the sun, so why not do it in style. You’ve got your bikini, your hat, your towel – but a beach bag isn’t complete without a hot pair of sunglasses to prevent glare while laying by the water.

Got You Covered

They will also work for your KK – we have a wide range to suit every taste so you can’t go wrong. Our tip – if you know the receiver loves sunnies already, go by what you have seen them where in the past (e.g. aviators). If you’re not so sure, go for one of our classics like Minx or Havana. We also have a policy that will happily accept exchanges and returns under certain conditions, so you don’t have to stress if they don’t love your choice.

Treat Yourself

While you’re shopping for a Christmas present for your bestie, sister, mum or KK – you’ll probably be tempted to buy yourself a sneaky present too. We want high quality, stylish shades to be accessible for everyone, which is why we keep our prices so reasonable. With summer approaching, now is the perfect time to stock up on a few pairs.


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